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Why should you learn Burmese?

Learning Burmese is not that difficult. 90% of the expats in Yangon are learning Burmese and they can speak at least very basic Burmese. You may need Burmese to communicate with locals most of the time. Even if they speak good English, every Burmese person loves it when a foreigner speaks Burmese, even a simple word like Mingalarbar. If you are working for an NGO, you will visit rural areas quite frequently. Then those local people will be very happy if they hear your cute Burmese!

Beginner course

Are you new to Yangon or you have been here for some time but did not have a chance to take the language course? Now it's time! My Burmese Language Course for Beginners helps you speak Burmese in 3 months! Just speaking? No! The course will also cover reading and writing, but basic, and basic Burmese grammar will also be included. To practice your speaking, we do role plays about daily conversational topics such as taking a cab, ordering food at a restaurant, etc. The class runs twice a week -- 1 hour per day. Not stressful, huh? But there will be some homework and tests for you occasionally, so you won't waste your time and money!

Advanced beginner course

Are you now confident that you can negotiate well with the cab driver or order at a local restaurant what you would like to have? Do you know the first five vowels and can read/write some basic words? Then this course is the next step for you. My advanced beginner course covers all the vowels and makes you read and write Burmese scripts properly in 3 months. More complex grammatical forms and new daily vocabularies will be added in this course.  

Intermediate course

If you are able to read and understand written materials with specific contents concerning everyday topics, this course is the best for you to improve your Burmese.

Upper-Intermediate course

Are you able to speak at near-natural speed and understand coherent conversations when you communicate with locals, but finding some difficulties in reading newspapers and magazines or listening to YouTube videos? This level is the most appropriate for you to improve your Burmese.

Advanced course

This course is for learners with strong Burmese language skills and helps them speak and comprehend like a native. 



are the courses worth taking?

Momo has been teaching Burmese to the expats since 2013 May -- more than five years now. Her first student was an English language instructor from the American Center, Yangon. Her students come from different parts of the world and range from beginner to advanced level. She has also designed textbooks for each course tailoring the curriculum based on her students' needs. Currently, she is also writing Essential Burmese Phrasebook & Dictionary and Burmese Reading & Writing for Beginners. Momo is super flexible, friendly, patient, and very active language teacher that she is highly recommended by her former and current students. You will love her course once you join it! You can also take the placement test if you are not sure about your Burmese language level. Contact Momo for placement test. The lessons take place on Nawaday Street, Dagon Township (downtown area) which is very easy to reach in Yangon. 

Contact Momo

Do you have any questions about her Burmese Language Courses? Feel free to drop her a line. She would love to hear from you! 


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